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No hotel owner or manager is happy with those odd days when you check and most rooms are empty; because empty rooms mean no bookings and check-ins; and no booking means no income

Having understood this problem, our team of highly skilled engneers have developed this satisfying software solution which will increase your earning by 50% withing the first month of its use!

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What we want to offer you

For the system to work and for us to deliver on our promise of 50% revenue increase within the first one month, we will provide you with the following products and services as part of each plan:

Free website for your hotel

Custom built website and domain name to put your hotel online immediately. Become instantly accessible to billions of people searching for hotels like yours online.

Complete hotel management backend

Secured administrative control panel to manage staff, rooms, inventory, bookings, etc. Access is regulated by staff priviledges and supports multiple locations

A mobile App

Can't carry your laptop around? Don't worry. Every plan comes with a mobile app to enable you keep managing your hotel from anywhere

Integrated SMS API

An (optional) integrated SMS API integrated right into your system to enable you send seasonal and promotional bulk SMS to your customers and even staff. (Price is not included in plan charges).

Social Media Integration

Connect your hotel to popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and increase your brand visibility. Leverage on digital marketing strategies to grow your reach and revenue

Staff Training

Free 10-hours staff training on how to use the system and how to work in a digitalized hotel system included as part of every plan

Get the best from your hotel! Use Hotelzy

Top-level management access to review daily bookings and earning. Instant email alert system for bookings and check-ins. Immediate online customer engagement through in-built chat system to interact with customers browsing your website... and lots more

Features of Hotelzy

Hotelzy is a complete hotel management software that offers all the features required to fully digitalize your hotel business and leverage on modern technological tools to increase your reach

Easy Management

Record and manage rooms, halls, bars, gyms, swimming pools, daily bookings, staff, store inventory, restaurant sales, etc.

Analytics Tool

Hotelzy contains tools to help analyze your business data, and make effective decision, predict earning and visualize your financial stand.

Professional Accounting

The system contains an in-built accounting module for creating books of account, income statements and balance sheets.

Online business

Online booking, online check-in and online payment processing through credit cards, bank transfers are supported by the system.

Better decisions with insight from your business data

With Hotelzy, you have access to analytics tools that help you analyze and understand your business data better, and make informed decision in inventory, personnel, infrastructure, and others. Hotelzy transforms data into valuablle insight... With a click of the button, you will get answers to questions like:

  • What drink is ordered most by customers?
  • Which room and room type is booked more?
  • Which customers are regular? and lots more

Choose Your Plan

Hotelzy is billed on a monthly Pay As You Use basis. This model ensures that you pay for only what you use, and enables us to handle for you all the technical hassles associated with running a system as powerful and resource consuming as Hotelzy This also gives the client the freedom and flexibility to upgrade or downgrade their plans easily or even cancel their contract any time they so wish!

Basic Plan

Charged monthly


  • 1 - 50 rooms
  • 1 location
  • 1- 30 staff

Advanced Plan

Charged monthly


  • 51 - 100 rooms, including event hall
  • Support for upto 3 locations
  • Support for upto 100 staff

Ultimate Plan

Charged monthly


  • Upto 500 rooms
  • Support for upto 15 locations
  • Unlimited staff support

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